15 Maret, 2011

everything in class 10 !

about a friend ... in 2010 I have new friends because that's where I stepped on 10 high school .. yea periods of high school who said people are very beautiful .. huh .. really hell .. LOL.
I have a new friend who is very good and understanding .. we play together .. learn together. lol. indeed a beautiful youth here we go .. i do not know if they do not exist. I really love them .. they understand me. I love you guys .. especially  my girls & XA .. BOLLY .. thanks for everything .. : ") 

big love big kiss big hug for you guys !
you rocks my world !

14 Maret, 2011

my Blackberry is my rules

This picture was taken by my friend

This picture really shows what my hobbies

and my hobby is ..

holding my phone... :)